2012 Halloween Merchandise is now Available in the Parks!

Haunted Mansion Madam Leota Lollipop

I am so excited to announce that the 2012 Halloween Merchandise has been released in at least 2 of the 4 Disney theme parks!

We visited Epcot, and Disney Hollywood Studios today to take photographs, and videos of the new and awesome merchandise.

Halloween Haunted Mansion Candle/Lantern. It has an electric votive candle inside!

 I absolutely LOVE that there are so many Haunted Mansion themed items this year, including the nicest T Shirt I’ve ever seen released for a Halloween season at Walt Disney World, and lots of neat HM candies, and even a candle holder!


Haunted Mansion Candle Holder

 Haunted Mansion fans will be on cloud nine this year with all the wonderful items to choose from. You better get your favorite items fast though, some of the more popular items won’t stay on the shelves long!

Halloween Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Treats!

 You can view the Halloween merchandise yourself, by watching the following video filmed in Disney Hollywood Studios, of the new and awesome 2012 Disney Halloween items.

If you would like to get a hold of any of the 2012 Halloween Merchandise you can visit the Disney World Personal Shopper website, or their Facebook page, and they can purchase it for you, and mail the items you want to you for a very nominal fee!

I am keeping my eyes open for the Halloween decorations to appear in the parks, especially in the Magic Kingdom.  This is my favorite time of the year, and I’m so excited to be able to share it here with you, my readers.

Remember, if you are planning to enjoy the Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party this year, get your tickets before they sell out.

It is the coolest Halloween Party Ever! 

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  1. There are so many cute Halloween things….I'm going broke just looking at your pictures! 😉

  2. Lynn Green Brooks

    I love Halloween at WDW. SO many awesome merchandises

  3. I absolutely love the fall and halloween merchandise at Disney. It's my absolute favorite time to visit.

  4. I am planning on going to MK's 50th anniversary, finally won't have to worry about the kids missing school! It will be fun to see all this merchandise, thanks for posting pictures!

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