Disney Cars in Disneyworld

Disney Cars in Disneyworld

Living here near the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in Florida I am on property a lot.  I go to Disney World at least four days a week, sometimes 6 or 7! 
Sometimes I see really neat and fun license plates, customized by the owner of the car.  I used to have one, it said DSNYWRLD, and I loved it so much.  It was my license tag in North Carolina, so I had to let it go when we moved here and get a FL tag, which couldn’t be eight characters long.


This post is not dedicated to cute Disney license plates though … it’s dedicated to cute Disney cars!!!  
No, I don’t mean the kind in the photo above, which are very cool by the way.  I’m talking about real cars, owned and being driven by individuals who love Disney, and like to be creative, artistic, and expressive!
Here is one I saw at the Polynesian Resort.  It was adorable!!!
A Minnie Mouse car!!  Red with white polka dots, and big eyelashes, just like Minnie!  How cute is that?

Another awesome Disney car I saw was the DeLorean from the Disney movie,  Back To The Future!  It was complete with CA plates and all!!

It was also parked in the Polynesian parking lot, months after I spotted the Minnie Mouse car.

I think this was the real thing.  Everything in and on it looked authentic.  It was pretty neat!!

This next car I just saw a couple of days ago in the parking lot of Downtown Disney Westside.  

 Capt. Jack Sparrow, pirate car!!!!  I definitely thought that this car was unique!


Have you seen a Disney car?  Comment below and share your find(s) with us here at Living Disney!

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