Disney Memories

Disney Memories

Nara in Japan Epcot World Showcase 2008

I can honestly say that Disneyworld has not lost any of it’s magic in the 4+ years we’ve been here, living Disney.  We still love it, and we still enjoy our visits to the parks and resorts.

The one thing I do miss though is the trip planning, and the anticipation.  The drive to Florida, the packing, the hotels and resorts … it’s all part of the fun.  
I would much rather live here 365 days a year on permanent Disney vacation though, don’t get me wrong!  When I’m in the mood for a different adventure I just go on an overnight or weekend trip here in Florida.


I have so many Disney memories, both as a tourist, and as a Florida resident living near Disney.  Today I want to share photos of some of my special memories from 2008, which was one of my favorite Disney family vacations ever!
Each vacation to Disney for us was different, and we always packed as much into each day as we could.  I love the photo of Nara above, where she’s holding her special candy lollipop that Miyuki made for her.  She was so happy to be chosen, it was a very special experience for her.  I do have to admit the boys were a bit jealous, but still happy for her.
Just like children, attractions in WDW grow and change!  Do you remember the plastic robot pieces that used to be in Innoventions in Disneys Epcot?  Each person could watch the pieces being made then build a robot of their own for no charge?  
The kids always enjoyed that, and so did I!  We had many a plastic robot laying around the house.  I used to have a small rubbermaid tote with the pieces in them in my play room for the children to play with!

Trevon used to love to wear part of his special Disney pin collection on his lanyard.  We all love pin trading, we always have!  He no longer wears the lanyard, so I especially love this photo of him with his pins.  I just can’t believe how fast he’s grown from a boy to a man!

He still loves Disney, and is just as big a Disney World lover as I am, maybe even more if that’s possible!

It’s funny because that year we all bought Mickey Crocs.  They had just recently came out and we thought they would be fun to wear.  
You can see Trevon standing in the background … well his feet.  That was the only time he ever wore Crocs, and nowadays you would never, ever see him in Crocs.  He dislikes them a lot, lol.
What a cutie!  Peanut butter sandwich, sun hat, sunglasses, long sleeved shirt to protect from the sun … Disney staples for our family!
The kids loved to play in “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” playground, and guess what?  They still do!!  It’s always a must visit for us when we’re at Disneys Hollywood Studios.
Of course with Disney memories there always comes Disney snacks and desserts right?

Mickey Ice Cream Bars and sandwiches, Mickey pretzels, School Bread, popcorn, cotton candy … so many fun Disney food choices!  
I love the photos above of the kids enjoying some of their favorite treats.  
Treats are still special to us.  No matter how many times we’ve been to the Disney parks I still take pleasure in walking down Main Street eating a Mickey ice cream bar, or buying the kids cotton candy from the Confectionery.
Nowadays we even have Starbucks in the parks!  That makes mommy happy!!
Thanks for sharing my Disney memories with me!  I just love memories, and I have so very many wonderful and special ones.  


I hope that you can take some time right now to think back on your special times at Disney with your friends and your family, or your solo trip!
If you haven’t been yet keep dreaming about the future when you get to visit, and all the fun memories you will make having Disney fun. ºOº

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