Disney World Tips #4 ~ Free Souvenirs at Disneyworld

This time on Disney World Tips #4, we are going to give you a list of Free Disney Souvenirs at Disney World.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?  So how about lots of Free Disney Souvenirs?  After spending years going to the Disney Theme Parks, we have compiled a list of everything Free at Disney, for you to take home.

This list is only for the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, since I haven’t had the chance to confirm what Disneyland has, but feel free to ask the CM’s at Disneyland when your there.

Absolutely Free Disney World Souvenirs:

Leis ~ Disney Polynesian Resort gladly hands out free leis to anyone who wants one.  You DO NOT have to be a guest at the resort, I have personally asked many times to make sure, so get one, their awesome!

Free “First Haircut” Ear Hat & Certificate ~ Have your girl or boy get their first hair cut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street USA at Disney Magic Kingdom and they will get a free first haircut Certificate that is beautifully decorated and a free Mickey Ear Hat.

Mardi Gras Beads and Coins ~ Visit Disney Port Orleans Resort (either of them) for free Mardis Gras fun!  You Do Not have to be staying at the resorts to get these! They gladly hand out colorful beads and coins for that New Orleans fun.

Food Samples ~ Who can resist free Disney food samples? Don’t miss out, just ask. At the Main Street Confectionery they will gladly give out free samples of the Cotton Candy and sometime other goodies like M&M’s.  At Downtown Disney Goofy’s Candy Company they give out free samples of the Icee Drinks if you ask, also throughout the day they sample apples, fudge, and other goodies.  Also at Downtown Disney visit the Ghirardelli Store for free Chocolate samples everyday!

Stickers ~ You can find Mickey Mouse Stickers almost anywhere in the Parks or Resorts for free, but to get the really good free stickers (like princess, simba, buzz, sorcerer mickey, etc.) you have to ask at the Disney Hollywood Studios Guest Relations desk or at Disney Pop Century Resort at the Gift Shop registers.  The Disney Vacation Club desks have their own different Free Stickers along with the Disney Boat Transportation, Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, The Pirates League, and different places like the Main Street Fire Station.

Buttons ~ Disney World always has free Buttons for anyone who asks. Pick from “I’m Celebrating”, “1st Visit”, “Family Reunion”, “Anniversary”, “Happily Ever After”, and “Birthday”. Sometimes they have other special buttons available so just ask what they have. You can find these at the resorts and parks at the guest relations or registers.

Driving License ~ When you ride on the Tomorrowland Speedway in Magic Kingdom, make sure you get your free Disney Souvenir collectable Drivers License.

Free Birthday Treat ~ Every year on our child’s Birthday we go visit the Main Street Confectionery at Disney Magic Kingdom and get a Free goodie for their Birthday Celebration.  Just walk up to the Greeter or Counter and have you child tell them that it is their B-Day and ask if they give out free treats.  This is Not a regular thing, but a little bit of magic that Disney like to do, so please do not take advantage of this kindness.

Monorail Transportation Cards ~ If your riding the Disney Monorail, ask the Cast Member for a free monorail transportation collectors card.  Sometimes they won’t have any on them so just ask the next person until you get one.

Bus Transportation Cards ~ If your riding on a Disney Bus, don’t forget to ask for a free Transportation Collectors Card.  Sometimes they won’t have any on them so just ask the next person until you get one.

Boat Transportation Cards ~ If your riding on a Disney Boat,  don’t forget to ask for a free Transportation Collectors Card.  Sometimes they won’t have any on them so just ask the next person until you get one.

Balloons ~ Ask at your resort check-in area to see if they have free Balloons. I know that Old Key West, and Wilderness Lodge do for sure.  They gladly hand them out when you ask.

Disney World Maps ~ You can find free maps of Disney Theme Parks all over at the resorts and parks.  The cover picture changes so they are collectable, especially around the Holidays for Halloween and Christmas.

Fastpass, Roomkey, Park Ticket ~ These are great free items for scrapbooking and souvenirs. Save a fastpass from every ride you go on or just ones from the “First Time” rides.

Disney Resort Maps ~ If you would like a free map of you Walt Disney Resort for scrapbooking or just cause, ask at the check in desk.  They will gladly hand you a souvenir map.

Pirate Scroll ~ Go to Disney Magic Kingdom to the Pirates League next to Pirates of the Caribbean and ask for a “Pirate Name”.  After you get your new pirate name, you also get a free awesome pirate scroll to take home.

Kidcot Mask ~ At Disney Epcot in every pavilion at the World Showcase they have a Kidcot Station where you can pick up a free mask. You can also get it stamped from each country, color it, and get your name written on the back in different languages, along with a cute icon from each country that they hang on it. 

Character Art Work ~ Located at Disney Hollywood Studios is the Magic of Disney Animation.  Here a Disney Artist will show you step by step how to draw Disney Characters.  They supply the paper that is marked Hollywood Studios and pencils, so when your done you have cool Disney Art Work to take home as free Disney Souvenirs.

Resort Sample Toiletries ~ Pick up a few free resort shampoos, soaps, conditioners, and lotions, to take home as a souvenirs.

Writing Pens and Notepads ~ Around your room you can find free writing pens and sometimes notepads to take home as a souvenirs.  You can also ask at the front check in desk for an extra pen, they have tons and don’t mind handing it out.

Disney Shopping Bags ~ Every time I buy an item at the park or resort, I ask for an extra, free bag.  These are fun to use when you get back home to keep that magic feeling of being at Disneyworld.

Pictures and Autographs ~ Of course you can’t forget the best Free Disney Souvenirs of all.  Photographs and Autographs.  There is an endless amount of places to take wonderful pictures for future memories.  Also there are so many different Disney Characters that you can meet and get their autographs with.  Remember that you don’t have to buy an autograph book, you can use any small notebook, and you don’t have to be a child, Adult’s can have just as much fun meeting the characters as the little ones.

Have fun on your magical Disney Vacation and if you find any other free Disney goodies that we forgot to mention, please comment below to let everyone know! 

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  1. thanks for the tips for free souvenirs. I have 64 days & counting untill my magical Disney Vacation.

  2. Wow thank you for all the info

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