Embarkation! Carnival Glory Cruise Trip Report; Chapter 3

Embarkation! Carnival Glory Cruise Trip Report; Chapter 3

After a hectic journey to Miami we were finally at the Miami Cruise Port and in line to board the ship!  While we waited we were treated to the view above!!  Boy how we couldn’t wait to get on board!!

They recommend that you arrive at the port around 1pm, but we learned to come early!  We actually got to the terminal around 10 and there were just a small number of people in front of us.  The wait outside was short, and the excitement was high!

The kids hadn’t been on a cruise since they were one, so they had no idea of the fun in store!

The boarding process was simple, and we were on the ship having lunch in the Lido before noon!!

It had been so long since I was on a ship, and I had dreamed about it for such a long time that the feeling was incredible! Words can not describe how happy I was to be on the Glory, and  how excited we all were for our two weeks of fun and adventure!!
The spread of food was amazing!  There were so many choices, including the Blue Iguana Cantina taco bar, and Guys Burger Joint.  The fare offered on the first day was different from any of the other days, and I tried quite a few yummy items.

The first thing I ordered was a burger from Guys Burger Joint, and sadly I didn’t like it. The meat just tasted “off”, so I didn’t eat anymore burgers during the cruise.  I never got to try Blue Iguana … time just flew too quickly!
I mainly ate Tuna sandwiches, drank soy milk, and ate Lucky Charms for breakfast, lol.  Those were my staples.
I do have to put it out there that I can’t eat Nitrates or MSG, and I’ve been eating mostly natural foods since 1999 so I was cautious about a lot of dishes.  I have to say after a week of cruse eating that I had just started to develop some really irregular heartbeats (what I get when I eat too much MSG), so maybe there was some MSG in the foods I had been eating, and it was starting to bother me.
Regardless, as fun as eating on the ship was, I couldn’t wait to disembark and get back to eating my greek yogurt for breakfast, and my simple steamed fish and veggies for lunch!  I think after any vacation you start to miss your normal daily stuff towards the end.

The view from the ship was spectacular!  Miami is such a gorgeous city on the water!!  We spent the afternoon exploring the ship and taking photos of the ships around us, and the skyline.

That first day on the ship was one of the best!!  I highly recommend getting to the port early so that you can get on the ship before the crowds do to eat and explore!!  

Here’s some info about the Carnival Glory:
Holds 2980 passengers
Has a crew of over 1100
Is 952 feet
Has FunShip 2.0 features
It’s an affordable ship, and I highly recommend checking my favorite website for deals, Vacations To Go.  They have a 90 Day Ticker for last minute deals, and we got a great one on our fares!
All the photos that I’ve shared with you today were taken by my iPhone 5S – amazing right?  The bright blue Florida sky really made the perfect backdrop! theotherflorida
Make sure to watch for Chapter 4 here on our Disney family blog soon!

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