Hanging Out with Mulan

Mulan Character Meet and Greet at Epcot

While enjoying the Food and Wine Festival this week we happened to run across Mulan!  It was completely unplanned, and really fun!!

We were just looking around the Temple of Heaven in the World Showcase and there she was, all by her lonesome!  As soon as she saw us she headed our way, along with the CMs designated to help her.
Since there was no one else around we really got to talk to Mulan and get to know her!
She’s really fun, and nice!!  She showed us some different warrior poses and even talked about her training routine.  She spent time with the kids, and with Elizabeth.
There are lots of Disney character meet and greet spots at Epcot! We saw Mulan in the China Pavilion, she was standing in front of the Temple of Heaven and we were the first to see her!
Duffy is another fun character to meet.  In October he’s dressed in his pumpkin outfit for Halloween, which is really cute!

What’s your favorite Disney character?  Do you make meeting characters a priority on your Disney family vacation?  Comment below and let us know!
~Amy, Elizabeth, and family.

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