Journal 9/24/13

Journal 9/24/13

Okay, I’m taking a minute for myself!!  It’s been such a busy, busy couple of weeks and I’m so tired, lol.

It started with the preparation for the “Reflections of Evil” trading event in Epcot last weekend, which was a blast by the way.  You can watch the first day of our fun experience here:

I am working on editing videos for our second and third days there.  Just trying to find the time.

The fun continued this weekend with the long awaited Disney Vera Bradley release at the “World of Disney” in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

We were there before 4am bringing coffee from Starbucks and donuts from Krispy Kreme to pass out to guests in line.  We stayed up all night and waited in line to purchase our limit of bags for others who had preordered through Disney World Personal Shopper.

You can watch the video here, it’s fun!

I am still going over to Disneyworld each day, at least once, to purchase bags for my orders.  

Last night I had to make myself relax, and “let go” of the constant work, to take a couple of very special days off.

I’m going to have hundreds of messages waiting for me when I get back to work on Friday, and I’ll be in the garage packing day and night this weekend making up for it, but I am going to “close shop” and enjoy tomorrow and the next day with my family for Zarius’ 11th birthday!!!!

That’s right, my little baby is turning 11 tomorrow!!  Wow, time really does fly when you’re having fun!!  It’s that time once again, and before I know it, he’ll be an adult like his big brother!

You may already know this, but birthdays are always super special to us.  We take at least two days to celebrate each one, and during that time the birthday girl or boy gets to do pretty much whatever they want, and eat whatever they want!


Zar has decided on an old fashioned birthday cake (with a hint of almond), with two frosting choices … almond and peanut butter.  He want’s Trevon to make him mac and cheese soup, which is really juicy mac n cheese.  He wants pancakes for breakfast (homemade with real maple syrup of course!) and Cici’s pizza cheese breadsticks for lunch.  For a special treat he also wants my homemade peanut butter fudge.  Some choices huh?!?

Where his brother always chooses to go on a trip for he birthday, Zar has chosen to stay home and play for his birthday.

We’re going to play a lot of Call of Duty the next two days!!  It’s going to be fun!!

I can’t wait to give him his present … shhh … don’t tell, but it’s a Nintendo 3DS  Just in time for the upcoming new 3DS Pokemon game release in October.

Today I’ve been preparing by grocery shopping, wrapping, and finishing up business things so I can be away for two days.

I can’t wait for tomorrow and the next day, it’s going to be so special and fun, we’re so blessed to have our little angel baby, all of them! ♥



  1. Happy Birthday Zarius and wishing you all a happy 2-day celebration! 🙂

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