Limited Time Magic “Eggs”perience Vinylmation Easter Egg Hunt; Photos and Videos!

Minnie Easter Egg
We went to Epcot Center last night to take part in the Limited Time Magic “Eggs”perience Vinylmation Easter Egg Hunt and it was AMAZING! ºOº
It‘s rare that we get totally new experiences at Disney since we live here, so any special event is even more special for us.
Eggs-perience Map
It took us about three hours to find all the eggs in the Vinylmation Easter egg hunt, and the egg in Japan was the hardest of all for us to find.  
We really enjoyed it, and I wish that Walt Disney World would hold more events like this!
Dale Easter Egg in the Germany Pavillion
It’s funny because at first the kids weren‘t too interested to try it.  They thought it would be like Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, which they don’t care for very much, but it wasn’t!
It was a pleasure visiting each and every country to find the Disney character egg.  Some were definitely harder than the others!
You can see exactly what it was like yourself by watching our two videos of the event!
We actually recorded the entire hunt, from start to finish so that you’ll feel like you’re actually on the hunt with us!  There are 2 parts so make sure to watch both!
The kids loved the prize, which was a 2pc Vinylmation keychain set.  They also were excited about keeping their  maps with stickers for their scrapbooks.
Map, Sticker, and Vinylmation Prize choices
You can see the map, stickers, and prize above.  If you would like one of these Limited Time Magic “Eggs”perience Vinylmation Easter Egg Hunt unused map, sticker, and Vinylmation sets you can contact the Disney World Personal Shopper ºOº 
You could choose between four Easter Egg Hunt prizes; Simba, Tinker Bell, Goofy, and Donald!
Vinylmation Easter Egg Hunt prize choices
The kids chose Simba (he’s so cute!), and we were told that Tinker Bell and Simba were the most popular.

You can come along with us on the Easter Egg hunt by watching our LivingDisney Vlog below!

Part One …



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