Miami here we come! Carnival Glory Cruise Trip Report ; Chapter 2

Miami here we come! Carnival Glory Cruise Trip Report ; Chapter 2

We last left off leaving the Orlando area for Miami in the worst rain I’ve ever driven in.  You can read all about it here in the 1st chapter of our cruise trip report.
Normally we would never drive to the cruise port on the day of the cruise, just in case something came up and we missed the boat, but this time we couldn’t go early because Trevon was scheduled to work.

Remember how I mentioned I was sick before the trip?  The day after booking the cruise I got sick, really sick.  It turned out to last 18 days and was one of the worst colds that I can ever remember.  Nara got it a few days after me, then Zar, then Trevon (and then Elizabeth, halfway through the 1st cruise).

Trevon got it two days before the cruise.  We were out shopping for last minute things, we had been out all morning and all was well until all of a sudden it hit him.  He was sick.  If you have been the first person to get sick in your family then you’ve probably watched the cold take it’s toll on each person in your house, usually having a lot of similarities.  

This sickness was terrible.  It hit you out of nowhere.  Literally one minute you were fine, and the next you had no energy, and the chills.  The couple of days were the worst.  Those sick days where you have to stay in bed and on Tylenol and Ibuprofen regularly to bear it, and sleep all day to escape the pain.  
We headed home and I called his work to call in sick for him.  As his mom it was my right, since he was still a minor.  He didn’t want me to do it, but I  knew come evening when he as supposed to be in box office at AMC that he wouldn’t be able to stand.  Guess what?  I was right!!  He was miserable and was glad that I insisted he didn’t go to work.
The next day was Saturday, the day before the cruise set sail.  He was still very ill, and in bed.  We decided to leave for Miami that afternoon and stay the night for various reasons.
Most importantly we were scheduled to leave at 2am the day of the cruise, and I knew that Trevon needed a good night’s rest.  
We called and found reservations (amazingly) at the Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon in Miami.  It was a busy Spring Break weekend and most places were full.  I guess this one wasn’t because it was $360.00 a night!!  Oh well, at least we could leave our car there for the two weeks we would be in the Caribbean.
We got on the road around noon Saturday.  Right after we left it started raining terribly.  It was the worst rain and storms I’ve ever driven in!!  There were lakes everywhere, and we had no choice but to drive through them.  This is where I prove that you shouldn’t leave the day of your cruise.  You never know what could happen.  Right as we were getting ready to get on the toll road in Celebration to head to the Florida Turnpike (I mean, we were actually getting on the ramp), we barely heard a horrible sound over the rain.  It sounded like a terrible scraping noise, and was coming from under the car.  
I pulled over and turned on the blinkers to check and guess what?  There was a big black thing hanging down from the carriage of our van and it was scraping on the road!!
Luckily there was a Pep Boys across the street so we slowly pulled in there.  As soon as I opened the door to the office the power went off inside.  Not a good sign.  
I told them my issue, and that I had to be in Miami by 6 to check into my hotel and they said it would be 5 hours before they could even look at my car, and most likely they couldn’t check it out that day because they were so busy.  Bummer!!
What if I had left at 2am and something like this had happened?  We would be stuck!  You have to be checked in for your ship by 3pm!!
Trevon used his umbrella to tuck the dragging piece in underneath the van and we drove way down 192 towards St. Cloud to a Tire Kingdom.  There was no one waiting and they took the van in right away.
It just took a view minutes for them to put it on the lift and break off the broken piece of casing that covers the air system underneath, then we were on our way again!  About 15 minutes later we were on the turnpike headed to Miami!
It was a 3 1/2 hour drive, and it was pouring the whole way.  Major thunder, lightning, and rain.  We saw numerous wrecks on the turnpike, all of them solo accidents, and it was scary.  We could barely see the cars ahead of us.  It was a stressful drive for most of the way, only clearing up a bit when we hit the Palm Beach area.
 We were so ready to just get to the hotel and in bed, safe and sound.
After driving through the Miami airport we found the hotel, and it was very nice!  We parked our car in the garage and checked into our room.  Well, it was more like an apartment.  It had a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a great bathroom.

I would say that after a great night’s sleep that we headed to the cruise port to board our ship but I can’t.  The air didn’t work and it was HOT!  I told the front desk twice, and they didn’t do anything about it.  We couldn’t sleep it was so hot and sticky.  It was really bad for Trevon, who was so sick and uncomfortable in the first place.

Then to top it off, Zar woke me up at 2am (well, I wasn’t really sleeping because it was too darn hot), with his eye hurting.  I looked and guess what?  Pink eye from his cold that he’d gotten earlier this week!!
Now what?  He can’t go on a ship for 14 days with pink eye?  He was miserable!!  I got dressed, had him get dressed, and we got into the van and headed to the hospital.  
I do have to admit that the drive in the middle of the night past the Miami skyline all lit up was beautiful, and I will never forget it.
We arrived at the hospital on Biscayne Bay and were the only ones there.  It still took about 3 hours (don’t ask me why, they were just really slow), and then we were on our way to find the only 24 hour pharmacy in Downtown Miami.  We found it, filled his prescription for eye drops, and were back at the hotel around 6am, just in time to get everyone up and down to breakfast. (I have to note here that Hampton Inn has a 100% guarantee.  We didn’t know this until about a week after we returned, when we completed an online survey.  Because of the air not working, and the employees not doing anything about it, they sent us a check for our stay!)
I didn’t like the breakfast choices (standard hotel breakfast), so we walked across the street to Starbucks and got hot tea, oatmeal, and greek yogurt.  The perfect way to start the day!
We walked back across the street and waited for the taxi van that we had called for almost an hour ago.  We needed a van to fit all five of us and our luggage.  We didn’t have too much for five people for two weeks, but we still needed a van.

Guess what?  No taxi van.  She said that it would be tomorrow before a van was available!!!

We went with our only choice and took two waiting taxis to the port.  One car with the boys, and one with the girls!  They drove side by side on the highway and we had a fun drive.

What a wonderful sight is was to arrive at the Port of Miami!! Boy had I been waiting a long time for this (not the 12 days, but the ten years since our last cruise!!).

Words can not describe how wonderful it was to see out ship, and after 10 long years of not cruising, to be boarding her, and setting sail to the Caribbean for two weeks!!

Nara, Amy, and Elizabeth

 Stay tuned for the next Chapter of our cruise adventure!

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