Moving to Disney; To Bring your Furniture or Not?

Moving to Disney; To Bring your Furniture or Not?

If you’ll look closely at the photo above (you can click on it for a larger view), you will see a good amount of what we brought to with us on our move to Florida.  disneymove

There were five of us, two cats, and a dog in a minivan with as much of our stuff as we could stuff in there.
My mom took the middle and back seats out of her  minivan and filled it up for us also, and drove down to deliver it for us.
We had four weeks to move to Disney so we didn’t have too much time to think about if we’d be taking all of our furniture and belongings, or leaving some behind.  We did a lot of calculating and weighing of pros and cons to do, and in the end we decided to go with: bring what we need, and store and sell the rest.

Everyone had enough space to be comfortable on the almost 600 mile drive, but if you’ll take a look at the photo above, behind the sleeping beauty, you will see it packed in there!
There was one main reason we decided not to take everything, and that was because we were renting a furnished vacation home near Disney for 12 months.  
If you’re moving to the Disney area make sure to take this into consideration before moving and making your plans.  We rented a home in Regal Palms, a resort less than 10 miles from Disneyworld.  We found the listing through a local realtor.  It was $1200.00 a month and fully furnished.  It was an amazing first Florida home and we loved it!  
There were 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  Here is a photo of the living room taken from the stairs.  The furniture that you see was the furniture that came with it, with the exception of the rug (we brought that with us). 
If you’re renting a furnished vacation home near Disney, then you don’t have to worry about it being furnished nicely.  We’ve rented 3 homes in five years and each one has been furnished beautifully, and practically.  
These homes are usually owned by people living in the United Kingdom, and they come for an Orlando Disney vacation every year.  During that year they rent their  home out through a local vacation management company or realtor, and after the year lease is up they come for their holiday.  When they go back home, the house gets rented again.
Since we knew that we would be renting a furnished home we decided to take what we’d use like clothes, toys, pots, pans, towels, bedding, and other expensive items that were small that we needed, and didn’t want to purchase again.
Items we didn’t take, that we bought again once we got to Florida, were small cost items like a toaster, cat box, broom and dustpan, bookshelves (just too big to move), etc.

We spent pretty much the entire four weeks before the move, sorting though everything that we owned.  The kids each had rooms filled with toys, books, and clothes.  We didn’t want to bring it all, as they didn’t use it all, so we had them go through their belongings and pick their favorites.  We helped of course, and in the end we have a basement full of toys, furniture, bikes, household items, books, and clothes to sell.
We had a gigantic moving sale and sold as much as we could over the course of the weekend.  We let the stuff go cheap!!  We knew that what didn’t sell would be given away so if someone wanted something we practically let them have it.    If you  have more time you can make more money on your moving sale, we just wanted to get rid of it fast since we were on such a time crunch.
We had contacted someone from the local paper who offered to pick up all the items we had left over, which ended up being a U-Haul truck full!  He and his helpers came over after the sale was over and bagged and packed it all up (part of the deal), and carried it out of the basement and into the moving truck.  Part of the deal was also that he had to take it all.  It was free to him, he just had to pack it and take it.  I am sure he made a lot of money reselling it – there were 4 1/2 years worth of clothes, toys, games, books, movies, household items and holiday decorations there.  I’m glad that it worked out so well.
After the sale was over we focused on the leftovers.  We sorted everything into two piles.  Take and Store.  We rented a storage unit and filled it with items that we didn’t want to part with, but didn’t want to take with us.  This included some nice furniture items, toys, books, and special keepsake items.  
The rest came with us in two minivans!  
It worked perfectly.  We debated renting a U-Haul and taking it all and renting a storage unit in Florida once we arrived for the items we didn’t need but it didn’t seem like the right choice for us.  I am so glad that we sorted everything first, then moved with just what we needed.  If you’re like us it doesn’t take long to start collecting stuff again!
Special Note:  The furnished homes that we’ve rented included everything that you would need to live in a home.  Dishes, pots, silverware, brooms, towels, and bedding.  We personally didn’t want to use those items so we packed them up when we moved in.  The townhome had a giant closet that stayed locked.  It was called an “Owner’s Closet”, and was a closet where the owners stored their items that they used on vacations like games and pool toys.  We had the realtor open it and put the items we packed in there. 
The only stipulation?  When you move out you have to set it all back up.
We hope that this article on Moving to Disney; To Bring your Furniture or Not? really helps you with your choices.  We also wish you luck on your dreams of moving to Disneyworld!
~Amy and Elizabeth

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  1. Amy or Elizabeth can you please contact me with the name of the realtor you used I am looking to move to Florida within the next 4 months and would like to contact them..

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