Our Halloween in Saint Augustine

Our Halloween in Saint Augustine

This year marked the very first year ever that we didn’t stay home and trick-or-treat! We drove to Saint Augustine, which is about an hour and forty five minutes from Orlando for a night of fun!

We had the most amazing time, and look forward to going back next Halloween!  St. Augustine is an amazing city, not only the oldest city in the continental USA but also the most haunted! What better place to be on Halloween night?
The kids got to trick or treat, play at the park, walk around and scare people in the old town, pose for lots of photos, and try new experiences!
To me Saint Augustine was the perfect place to be, we couldn’t have had any more fun if we tried!
Trick or treating is fun in Celebration, but it’s so crowded, and we really were in the mood for a change.  We get to have Halloween so long here near Disney World we were ready for a new and exciting adventure!

The weather was perfect!  61 degrees and not a drop of humidity!!  Perfect Fall weather!!  Last Halloween here in Florida was quite warm, and it just wasn’t the same.  We had been crossing our fingers for cool Halloween weather, and we got it!

Elizabeth, Mahnara, Zarius and I all dressed as zombies, and Trevon dressed as a character from “The Purge”.  If you’ve watched the movies you’ll recognize the costume.  He already had the clothes, he just purchased the bat and mask to complete the look.

His costume was quite popular in town, and he really gave a lot of people a scare!

Our night was filled with such fun adventure we couldn’t possibly share it all here in words!  Make sure to visit us on YouTube and watch our video vlogs of our entire Halloween night, and “Like” us on Facebook for daily photos and fun!

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