Rare New Experiences

Rare New Experiences

Living near Disney, and visiting the parks often, it’s not very common for us to do something new at Disney.

We’ve been here almost five years, and we’ve done a lot of cool things.

Last week we did something for the first time, and it was fun!!  We watched “The American Adventure” at Epcot!  It was our first time and we enjoyed it.

The building was really cool inside, lots to look at and very pretty architecture.  What wasn’t cool was the seating in the theater.

It is definitely NOT pooh sized people friendly!!  Most theater seats in Disney World are doing for plus sized folks, but I’d say if you are over 250 pounds, you’re probably not going to fit. 

I was shocked to see such small seats with arm rests that didn’t move.  I was also shocked to see that there was no bench seating along the back row for larger sized guests.

I believe that the only other attraction I haven’t done in Disneyworld is Mission Space in Disneys Epcot.  Elizabeth and the kids have been on it, but I haven’t been brave enough yet, lol.

Monday night we get to do something else totally new.  We have tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in Disneys Magic Kingdom!!

We’ve always went to MNSSHP in the past, but this year we decided to add in MVMCP!!

We’re very excited about this fun new Disney World Christmas experience, and we can’t wait to share photos and a video of our night with you, our Disney family blog readers!!

Have you been to the Christmas party before?  What was it like?  What was your favorite part of the night?  Comment!!

I am crossing my fingers for nice weather so that it feels more like Christmas.  Yesterday is was 65 degrees, and it was nice!  Now, if only it would stay 65 degrees and the humidity would go away …

Check back next week for Disney photos and our video of the Disney Christmas Party, and make sure to “Like” our Facebook page for lots of photos LIVE from the event Monday night, 11/11/13!



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