The Best Shoes for Disney Theme Parks Touring

What NOT to wear at Disney.

A question I get often is which shoes are best for touring the Disney Theme Parks?

I’m the type of person who tries lots of different products until I find the one I like.

It’s okay if it costs more, as long as it’s worth it.

Shoes are VERY important, especially when you’re going to be going to Walt Disney World.

Did you know that you can easily walk 5-10 miles a day at Disney?

Living here at Disney I see a lot, and there are 2 things I see consistently when I go to the parks.

1. Sunburned children, babies and adults.

2. Children and Adults limping around in flipflops, with blisters on their feet.  I can’t count the amount of times that I have stood waiting to get on the Ferry to go to Disney Magic Kingdom and I’ve watched the passengers disembark the boat limping and in obvious pain due to the wrong shoes.


Shoe make ALL the difference!  The right shoes can make your vacation a pleasant one, and the wrong shoes can make it a miserable one.

The wrong shoes can not only cause foot pain, but leg and back pain too.

A lot of folks wear Crocs to the parks.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my Crocs, but  not for wearing around the parks.

 I actually only wear Crocs around the house.  They are cushy and soft and my feet don’t hurt when I’m wearing them … short term.

They don’t offer the support I need for walking long distances.  They are great house shoes, and errand shoes, but not walking shoes.

My favorite types of shoes to wear to the parks are tennis shoes, or sneakers, and sandals.

Let me be specific though, because not all tennis shoes and sandals are created equal☺.

I personally like Saucony.   They hold up well and they are very comfortable.  I buy them for the kids too.

Here are some similar to mine:

 What I love about them is the support they offer.  They are very cushioned and easy to walk in.  They also have the breathable mesh sides, (the kids love that about the shoes too).  They are comfortable to wear, even in the heat and hot weather here in Florida.

They are very affordable, around $40.00.  There are many good outlets here in the Orlando area that offer Saucony and other major brand shoes for great prices.  

My favorite place to get shoes is on International Drive, and it’s called Famous Footwear.  There in one in the Prime Outlet Mall and a larger store on International Drive on the right, across from Sweet Tomatoes on the corner of Kirkland, which is on the way to the Prime Outlet Mall.

There is also a Nike Factory Store, a New Balance Factory Store and many other shoe outlets which offer great prices and great shoes for Orlando residents and visitiors alike.

Of course along with shoes comes socks!  You may not have thought about this, but the sock is very important too!

12 years ago I bought some socks from a woman at a yard sale.  They were new, and looked very different.  She said they were expensive, but worth it, because of the difference they make with foot pain was unbelievable.

At that time I was working in a health food store, standing for over 8 hours a day, and I needed all I could get to help alleviate foot, leg and back pain!

After trying them I was hooked.  I could not believe how incredible they were, and how much difference they made!

I never would have thought that socks could make your feet, legs and back not hurt as much!

These Wonder Socks are called Thorlo’s, and to this day it’s the only sock I have purchased for myself, and my children.

Yes, they are expensive, and yes, they are totally worth it.  

Once you try them, you’ll never go back, lol.

We had an outlet in Statesville, NC and we actually drove there to buy them a couple of times per year.

There used to be an outlet here too, on International, but it closed recently.

This is what they look like, and you can order them online:

Trust me on this, try them.  I know they are $10.00+ a pair, but trust me, they are amazing!!!

With a good pair of Thorlos and a good pair of shoes YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE!  

Whether you’re wanting to alleviate pain for your vacation, or from standing, or walking at work, the combination is the way to go.

These are my secrets, and I hope they help you as they’ve helped me ♥. 
I also love my sandals.  They come in handy for rainy days, water parks, and just in general.

I can wear my sandals anytime I go out because they offer wonderful support and don’t blister my feet.  I can wear them for the whole day, and walk miles in them with no pain.

They are Teva Terra Fi sandals, like these:

As you can see they look very comfy!  Look at the thick soles, the arch support, and the padding.  

They are wonderful, wonderful and comfortable shoes.  

If you’re in the market for sandals and want to go with Teva, please keep in mind that there are different types of sandals.  Some of the Teva sandals don’t have the support that the Terra Fi sandals do.  

The Terra Fi sandals are costly, compared to regular sandals, but they are SO worth it!  I usually pay around $80.00 for my Terra Fi sandals, and they also have them at the outlets I mentioned above for a better price.

They also have them in women’s sizes and colors.

I wear them walking around the parks, and when I go to the pool, or water park.  

I hope that my information has helped you and your feet, legs, and back☺.

If you haven’t tried a good pair of shoes on your Disney World family vacation, please try it.  You’ll be absolutely amazed at the difference!!!

I hope with this information that I’ve helped you.  It took me years and years of spending money and walking hundreds of miles to find the perfect shoes.  I think that it helped that I was overweight, and prone to more feet, leg and back pain.  If these shoes worked for me, I know they would work for you☺.

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